Friends for life or just a day?

I’m writing this blog because I’m having friend trouble and kinda need some advice! Ive recently started a new follow up school so all my old friend are still there. 

In my old school my two best friends and I were inseparable and we were literally the definition of a best friend group. But over the last few weeks I’ve noticed how less and less I speak to them and now we don’t have each other in bio’s on Instagram. (Teenage troubles). There are even days that I don’t speak to them. It’s not that I don’t see them it’s just the fact that we’re growing apart. Should I stop it or should I just let it happen? 

The phrase “fight for what you love” is playing in my mind like a broken cassette player. If u out grow your clothes do you just throw them away and not wear them? Or do you hang onto them??